Microphoto Certification & Approvals

ISO Compliant & ITAR Registered Photo Etching

Microphoto is certified to military standard;

  • MIL-STD-45208A

Microphoto conforms to:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 10012-1
  • NCSLZ 540-1
  • MPI 2006

The MPI 2006 Quality System was created by Microphoto in the early 1970’s long before the establishment of QS and ISO Standards.

At that time, Microphoto was administrating no less than 4 customer-designed quality systems (companies like Unysis, Caterpillar, and Williams International), each specific to their own requirements. Administrating these separate (as well as our own), quality systems became very cumbersome and time consuming. Our solution was to combine the best of each of the systems, and improve on them to create a “super” quality system with the most stringent of requirements that would be acceptable by all of our customers.

The resulting MPI 2006 standard is designed to constantly strive towards quality and delivery ratings of 100%. To achieve the highest rating within the MPI 2006 standard, a company must maintain quality and delivery ratings of over 99.995% for any given calendar year.

Microphoto has consistently maintained the MPI 2006 highest rating year after year.

This quality system has been accepted and approved during every customer audit since its inception. Audits from companies such as Stryker Instruments, Lockheed, Boston Scientific, Pfizer, Woodward Governor, and many, many others.

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