Photo Etched Filters and Screens

Microphoto produces a wide variety of high quality, durable screens and filters. No matter the field, whether culinary or military, our technology can produce the perfect screen to meet any of your needs.

In comparison to COTS mesh screens, our custom etched screens can be made to your particular specifications.  Microphoto can also produce specialized conical holes in our photo etched screens. Custom Filter


custom filter

Common Uses:


Common Materials:

Depending on your design criteria, we can manufacture electrical contacts in virtually any temper using


Photochemical Etching

At Microphoto, we provide customers with high-quality and high-precision screens through our photochemical machining process, also known as photo etching, metal etching, or chemical milling.

Photochemical machining allows for the manufacture of finely detailed and complex designs that could not be manufactured using other more traditional methods such as stamping.  Our process results in parts that are burr-free, and without any recast layers that can result from laser cutting or WEDM processing.

We can also manage any post-production secondary requirements such as passivation, heat treat, plating, or non-destructive testing.