Microphoto plant in Roseville Michigan

Featured in the Detroit Free Press, Crains Detroit Business and manufacturingtalk.com.

Michigan Manufacturer Reverses Trend Keeps jobs here, ships parts to China

Microphoto, Inc., headquartered in Roseville, Michigan, announced the completion of a technologically advanced metal etching facility at the new Roseville location. The expansion comes at a time when many U.S. companies are closing, downsizing or sending their jobs overseas. Microphoto forecasts a 20% to 30% increase in employees and states that the first quarter of 2010 has been very encouraging. The company will begin a third phase of expansion in the very near future.

The company was started in 1965 by Nishon “Lucky” Muradian. It is one of the oldest metal etching companies in the country. The growth of this industry was created and fueled in part by the space exploration campaigns of the 1960’s and the need for low volume intricate metal parts increased. Since then, the process also known as photo chemical machining has become a common technique used to produce metal parts for many industries.

One of the major benefits with metal etching is the fantastic speed (within 4 hours) at which prototype metal parts can often be manufactured. In addition, these parts are burr-free and stress-free with no physical or chemical changes to the metal properties. The primary reason customers get this extraordinary turnaround service is because President Rick Wade, Vice President Brian Wade and their dedicated staff make it happen. They are nephews of Mr. Muradian, the company’s founder. They have earned a reputation for quality, delivery, and customer service that is almost unheard of.

By being responsive to customer needs, Microphoto continues to expand its business. It is adding employees, adding to its facility and shipping parts to China and the rest of the world. Due to Microphoto’s reputation and with virtually no increase in sales force, their customer base and sales continue to grow.