Photo Etched Beryllium Copper

Beryllium copper is comprised of copper alloy and 0.5-3% beryllium that make it highly ductile, an excellent conductor of electrical current, and abrasion resistant material. Beryllium Copper is a known carcinogen when the dust that can be caused by traditional machining processes is inhaled. This is not an inherent hazard with our photochemical machining process. We specialize in high precision and tolerance beryllium copper parts used in various electrics applications.

Beryllium Copper Grades

The Beryllium copper alloys we work with include:

  • C17200
  • C17419
  • C17510
Beryllium Copper Etched Components

Beryllium Copper Applications & Benefits

Known for it’s mechanical and electrical properties, photo etched copper products are often used for electrical connectors, metal enclosures for electrical circuits, circuit boards, EMI/RFI shielding and other components that require shielding effectiveness over a broad frequency range. Additional applications for stamped copper components include:

Electrical contacts
• Buss bars
• EMI Shielding
• Washers
• Gaskets

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