Phosphorus Bronze Photochemical Etching

Phosphorus bronze, commonly referred to as Phos-bronze, and sometimes Tin bronze, is an alloy of copper used in many products due to its low-wear properties.

This durable material is composed of copper, tin, and phosphorus. The composition of phosphorus bronze includes 0.50-11% tin and 0.01-0.35% phosphorus. Higher amounts of phosphorus increases the stiffness and wear-resistance of the material, while tin aides in strength and corrosion resistance.

Phosphorous bronze is most generally used for electrical contacts, ship propellers, and certain dental bridges.

Photochemical Etching

At Microphoto, we provide customers with high-quality and high-precision parts through our photochemical machining process, also known as photochemical etching, metal etching, or chemical milling.

Photochemical machining allows for the manufacture of finely detailed and complex designs that could not be manufactured using other more traditional methods such as stamping.  Our process results in parts that are burr-free, and without any recast layers that can result from laser cutting or WEDM processing.


Our Use of Phosphorus Bronze

Microphoto processes all types and tempers of Phosphorous Bronze, including C510 and C521. Phosphorus bronze C510, while the less frequently used C521 contains higher levels of tin. Higher levels of tin result in a slight reduction of electrical conductivity while providing higher mechanical properties.

Our phosphorous bronze parts and products will prove to be durable and high-quality, and we can also manage any post-production plating needs that may be required.


Characteristics of Phosphorus Bronze: 

  • Highly resistant
  • Low-wear and low-corrosion
  • Non-magnetic
  • Reddish hue
  • Fine-grain
  • Low coefficient of friction¬†

Commonly Used For:

  • Musical instruments
  • Bearings
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Electrical Terminals
  • Welding rods
  • Electrical Switch Contacts
  • Clips

At Microphoto, we take pride in using quality metals that are right for the job, such as Phosphorus bronze and many others. We provide customers with consistent, high precision products. With fast turn-around and guaranteed quality, consumers can find the services they need at Microphoto.



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