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Microphoto Photo Chemical Etching

Our 24 hour rush service is available for photo-chemically machined prototype parts (certain restrictions apply. Please ask your sales representative when you are contacted).

Microphoto has the capability, for a premium charge, of turning an order around within 24 hours or less (in some cases same day order acceptance and shipping). We have a process capability of producing flat blanks within 4 hrs of accepting an order on materials in stock. We have, on some orders, tooled, blanked, formed and shipped parts the same day that the order was received.

Precision, low cost, lifetime ($150.00 – $300.00 for most parts) blank tooling produced in a few hours. Burr free, stress free, strain free close tolerance blanks in any temper of material. Short lead times on simple or intricate designs.

We can accept drawings in these formats:

  • ► Download using the form below .dwg, .dxf, pdf, .iges, or .jpg file formats
  • ► Scanned drawings by Fax
  • ► Scanned drawings and/or files by email
  • ► Physical drawings by mail

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    Valid file types are dwg, dxf, pdf, iges, jpg. Maximum combined file size is 2 megabytes.
  • Accepted file types: dwg, dxf, pdf, iges, jpg.
  • Accepted file types: dwg, dxf, pdf, iges, jpg.
  • Accepted file types: dwg, dxf, pdf, iges, jpg.

If you’re uploading large files please be patient as it may take a while to transfer them depending on your connection speed and file size. You will be transferred to the confirmation page when this form is completely uploaded.

A copy of the above completed form will also be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive this form or a response within 24 hours please call Microphoto directly.