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In today’s competitive market, delivering products to market faster is paramount. In addition to photochemical etching, Microphoto offers a suite of metal surface finishing services that help clients reduce costs and lead times while increasing throughput.

An additional advantage to the chemical machining process is the ability to alter the edge condition of parts that are chemically blanked.

Chemical Edge Rounding

After a metal workpiece undergoes machining, the material may have sharp and uneven edges. These imperfections can easily scratch or cut handlers, make it difficult to feed the workpiece through machines if additional processing is needed, and prevent the proper application and bonding of coatings or paints.

With metal chemical edge rounding services from Microphoto, any burrs, nibble marks, or scallops on holes and edges of a metal part are removed. This eliminates sharp edges and supports the strong adhesion of paints and coatings. Metal components free of sharp edges provide a perfect bonding surface, reducing the risk of peeling and having to re-apply paints and coatings over time.

Part edges and surface finishes can also be enhanced using a proprietary “ISO” finishing technique to greatly increase cycle life for parts used in the flapper valve industry.

Mirror Finishes

A mirror finish provides a highly reflective, mirror-like look where surface defects are greatly minimized or completely removed. It also enhances appearance and consistency, making cleaning more straightforward, and masks the after-effects of welding.

Matte Finishes

A matte finish creates a smooth surface with a sleek yet dull appearance. It also may boost durability and tarnish resistance. This finish is a good choice for applications that don’t require a shiny look or when further finishing is intended.

Brushed Finishes

A brushed finish provides a distinctive look characterized by a muted luster and patterns of fine parallel lines. It has a strong, decorative appeal without being too reflective. It’s perfect for applications where shine is needed, but high reflectiveness is undesirable.

The Microphoto Promise

At Microphoto, we don’t have a job until you have work to do. As a result, your challenges are ours, and your deadlines drive us. Getting photochemical etched parts in the condition you need should be the easiest part of your job. With Microphoto, it will be.

Contact us to learn more about our metal surface finishing and edge rounding services. We’re happy to discuss your project further.

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