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Microphoto can also provide laser cut parts or, a combination of photo etching and laser cutting to produce parts with surface etched functional detail or script and graphics.

Surface details are first etched to specification on sheets of metal, then, the sheets are fixture registered to the laser bed for precise laser blanking of the pre-etched sheets. Once etched and laser blanked, parts can be paint-filled and surface finished to produce parts such as equipment face plates.

For some parts, laser cutting can be the most economical and fastest way to provide parts. Microphoto can provide Laser cut parts in many metal types.

Two dimensional 3-axes up to 4000 watts with a sheet size up to 60” x 120”

  • Low Carbon .005 – .625 thick
  • High Carbon .010 – .500 thick
  • H.S.L.A. .047 – .500 thick
  • Aluminum .020 – .315 thick
  • Stainless Steel .020 – .500 thick
  • Brass .010 -.125 thick

Nitrogen assist gas can be used for Stainless and Aluminum cutting to improve edge conditions so that parts can be then be welded without any further processing.

Three dimensional 5-axis.

5-axis cutting up to 2000 watts in thicknesses up to .394 and a part size up to 120” x 60” x 40”.

Combinations of chemically etched and laser cut parts. Can produce parts with intricate surface etched detail or graphics and laser cut blanks in most metals.

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