Precision Metal Stamping Services

From automobile components to miniature electronic devices, there’s high demand for quality products. Take your metal part from print to finished product quickly and affordably with metal stamping services from Microphoto.

An ISO 9001:2015-certified and ITAR-registered contract manufacturer and value-added service provider, Microphoto is trusted by clients operating within many industries to produce custom metal stamped parts from .001”, .0254mm, to .375”, 9.525mm. Our presses have an eight-ton capacity.

Some of the industries Microphoto’s metal stamping services can accomodate include:

With in-house machining and design capabilities, our highly skilled tool-makers can construct stamping dies with complex shapes or features. This ensures our stamping lines consistently produce conforming parts, even when challenging designs are involved.

Metal Stamping Explained

Metal stamping is a cold-forming fabrication method that’s simple yet versatile. In this process, flat metal sheets are fed into stamping equipment that have tooling or dies. The tooling is forced into the metal sheet, leveraging tremendous compressive force to create parts with desired shapes or features.

Turning to a metal stamping service provider like Microphoto can help streamline your supply chain. Benefits of metal stamping include:


When it comes to metal parts, precision is critical. A nonconforming component may not fit, form, or function as intended. Metal stamping is highly automated, generating precise parts with great accuracy. This permits us to meet exact specifications in high volumes.


Compared to other fabrication methods, metal stamping is less costly.


Sheet metal can be turned into all types of shapes, from simple to complex, while maintaining tight tolerances. This opens up design capabilities.

Let’s Get Started

At Microphoto, client satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we’re decided to providing you with high-quality stamped metal parts quickly and cost-efficiently. Additionally, we offer various value-added services to improve time to market.

  • In house machine shop
  • Tooling can be produced in house
  • Press capacity up to 8 tonsQuick Quote
  • Flat Blanks
  • Blanked and Formed Parts
  • Heat Treat, Plating, and NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) services

Reach out to us for more information about our precision metal stamping services. Our experts would love to learn more about your project.

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