About Microphoto Photochemical Etching Services

Microphoto was created in 1965 when the founders realized the need and importance for a company that could provide high-quality, cost-effective Photo Chemical Machining to a rapidly growing marketplace. As an industry leader, we have now been providing our quality services to satisfied customers for over 45 years.

MADE IN THE USA  Our parts are made in Roseville, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. We take pride our knowledgeable engineers, line workers, and all those who help make our customers’ requirements a reality.

Photo Chemical Machining is also known as Photo Etching, Photo Fabrication, Chemical Blanking and Photo Chemical Milling and now plays an important and vital role in the production of precision parts and decorative items for numerous industries worldwide.

Microphoto provides total in-house photochemically blanked and formed metal parts that allows the production of delicate, complex parts that would be impossible to produce by any other means.

Microphoto’s process produces metal parts that are free from common metal stamping defects such as burrs and external stress.

Microphoto uses precise multiple imaging and can blank parts on sheets up to 30″ wide. The process can work with metals of any temper with thickness ranging from .0005 ” to heavy gauge. The parts tolerance range can be from ± .001 or less to .010″ depending on material thickness.

Microphoto uses high precision quality control equipment and can monitor, record and adapt our systems to the highest possible standards.

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