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Thin Metal Forming Services

Thin Metal Forming

Microphoto is a leader in photochemical etching and forming of thin and small metal parts. Servicing the automotive, aerospace, electronic, and industrial industries, we provide high-precision formed metal gasketscontactsshields, and more.

We make tooling dies in-house to ensure the quickest lead times and the highest quality. Microphoto holds itself to a strict quality standard and uses optical comparators to confirm dimensions on all small and thin metal parts going out the door. 

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Thin Metal Forming Machine Tolerances

  • Kick Press: +/-2°Degree best for +/- 1° degree
    • +/-0.005 best effort for +/-0.003”
    • Max size: 4 inch
    • Min size: 1.5 inch
  • Multi-press: 7 to 36 inches long
    • 0.010” best effort +/-0.005”

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collage of copper photo etched parts
collage of stainless steel photo etched parts