Aerospace Chemical Etching Services

The aerospace industry has become one of Microphoto’s largest customers. We produce experimental prototypes and low-volume production parts for virtually all the major aircraft manufacturers and many of their suppliers. Engine components, seals, brackets, shims, shim packs, weld fillers, navigation electronic components, communications electronics, hydraulic pump retainers, wave washers, shaft seals, etc.

From the nose of an aircraft to the tail, from production to new parts prototyping, companies such as Lockheed, NASA, Boeing, Bendix Aerospace, Airbus Industries, Eaton Aerospace, and many of their suppliers depend on Microphoto. We are their source to solve manufacturing problems and to produce on-time high-quality metal parts.


Chemical Etched Parts for Aerospace Applications

  • Hydraulic Pump shaft seal retainers and shims
  • Landing gear assembly shims
  • Fuel/Fluid/Air systems screens/filters
  • Instrument cluster pointers
  • Weld filler strips and spacers
  • EMI/EFI shielding
  • Electronics systems terminals/contacts/covers/heat sinks/lead frames Equipment Nameplates
  • Flight control systems
  • Engine “stuff”
  • Navigation systems
  • Communications systems



Microphoto services virtually every industry with a need for metal components. We have produced and shipped parts to nearly every continent on earth. From Foundries to Surgical labs, Air-bag sensors to Munitions, and Satellites to Mining equipment, the need for our services is endless.

Whether it is a simple washer, intricate lead frame, formed flat spring, metal model parts (cars, boats, trains) architectural models, or electrical contact, we can most likely produce your part if it is made from sheet, strip, or plate stock.