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Precision Prototyping Services

image of an inspection for a photo etched part

Prototype Parts with Precision Chemical Etching

There’s nothing worse than bringing a product to market that ultimately doesn’t work. Suboptimal designs can degrade application performance, which negatively impacts a brand’s reputation and bottom line.

Verify fit, form, and functionality early in the product development cycle with Microphoto’s etched metal part prototyping services.

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Prototype Parts from Microphoto

Since 1965, Microphoto has been a preferred source and partner for many industries and customers around the world, manufacturing prototypes of experimental and highly sophisticated metal parts.

The product-building process involves steps to reach the level where it can be pushed to production and where you need an expert who can provide guidance from material selection through the finishing touches. We work with our customers to determine the correct metals, design manufacturability from prototype to high-volume production quantities, and many other considerations related to special project parts.

Benefits of Photochemical Etching Prototype Parts

Microphoto is an ITAR-registered provider of photochemical etching solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We manufacture prototypes of your metal part using photochemical etching, which offers many benefits over other traditional machining methods.

Benefits of photochemically etched prototyping include:

  • Unlimited Complexity
  • Unrivaled Precision
  • No Expensive Hard Tooling
  • Low-Cost Design Iterations
  • Burr And Stress-Free Process
  • Metal Properties Are Unaffected
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Almost Any Metal Can Be Used

Best of all, we can photochemically etch and assemble both prototype and production-size volumes, and have quality & delivery ratings averaging over 99.9%!

collage of copper photo etched parts
collage of stainless steel photo etched parts
collage of gold colored photo etched parts

Why Should You Prototype?

Prototyping is the process of creating a sample part for testing and validation, in order to improve design iterations before the product reaches its final stage. There are many advantages to etched metal part design prototyping including:

  • Detects Errors Early
  • Improves End Product Performance And Quality
  • Boosts Design Cycle Throughput
  • Lowers Total Project Costs

Prototyping improves product quality by identifying issues and refining manufacturing methods, requirements, or specifications before full-scale production begins. Changes detected later in development or after the product is launched to market, may cost exponentially more to implement.