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Selective & Half Etching

photochemical half etched part

What is Half & Selective Etching?

Selective Etching, also known as half etching, refers to the process of partially or halfway etching through a part’s thickness. Half and selective etching leave a thinner portion of the metal part thickness, whereas holes are through etched. For example, you could use half etching to create a part number or logo design on an etched component.

Half and selective etching is achieved by limiting the duration of the etching process or by masking a section of the metal surface to protect it from the etching solution. Microphoto is an expert in photochemical half etching and achieves the desired results for your project.

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Half & Selective Etched Parts

Half and selective etching are commonly used to manufacture parts for the electronic, aerospace, and medical industries. Any flat component design can include half-etched details. Common selectively etched parts include:

  • Electrical Panel Plates
  • Medical Device Components
  • Fuel Cell Plates
  • Signage

Microphoto produces burr-free, stress-free half and selective etched parts to your specifications. These parts can be loose or “tabbed” for plating needs, which we can manage for you, but please note that thinner material may not be suitable for half and selective etching. Our experts are happy to discuss your project further.

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photochemical half etched part
photochemical half etched part