Medical Component Etching
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With the photochemical machining process capability of producing burr free, stress free, strain free parts in any temper of material, the medical industry is a perfect fit for our process.

Microphoto produces prototype and production parts for a vast number of major players in the medical field, including, Stryker, Phizer, Boston Scientific, Cardinal, Baxter, Bausch & Lomb, Schering plough, Bayer, Upjohn to name a few.

The parts we manufacture for the medical industry range from custom orthopedic surgery instruments to doctor blades for pharmaceutical dosing into blister packs, electronic monitoring equipment components, surgical visual aids, metal object location x-ray grids, electrical terminals, and contacts, trigger guards for cordless surgical instruments and recharge stations.

Microphoto services virtually every industry with a need for metal components. We have produced and shipped parts to nearly every continent on earth. From Foundries to Surgical labs, Air-bag sensors to Munitions, Satellites to Mining equipment, the need for our services is endless.

Whether it is a simple washer, intricate lead frame, formed flat spring, metal model parts (cars, boats, trains) architectural models, or an electrical contact, we can most likely produce your part if it made from sheet, strip or plate stock.

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