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Also known as photochemical etching.

Also known as step etching or depth etching.

We make tooling dies in-house for the quickest lead times.

A cold-forming fabrication method that’s simple yet versatile.

Improve product quality by identifying issues and refining designs.

Assorted add-on services to get your product to the finish line.

Complete your etched parts

Microphoto Managed Services

Cutting of metal. Sparks fly from laser, close-up

Both 3-axis and 5-axis machinery can laser cut a variety of metals.

Mirror, matte, and brushed plating finishes enhance your parts.

image of an inspection for a photo etched part

Ensure the longevity of your parts with post-production testing.

silver colored and nickel material photo etched part

Best for intricate, low volume, extremely tight-tolerance parts.