Custom Metal Scales, Washers & Shims Etching

Experimental, prototype, low volume production, low volume replacement parts are a perfect fit for our capabilities.

Flat washers, wave washers, Belleville washers. Clips and brackets. Custom designed metal scales (rulers). Flat thread gauge checking set. Insertion and extraction tools. Equipment I.D. tags and description plates. Retainers, spacers, shims and weld fillers.

If your part starts with flat stock, chances are we can produce it for you using our low cost tooling, short delivery process.

Microphoto services virtually every industry with a need for metal components. We have produced and shipped parts to nearly every continent on earth. From Foundries to Surgical labs, Air-bag sensors to Munitions, Satellites to Mining equipment, the need for our services is endless.

Whether it is a simple washer, intricate lead frame, formed flat spring, metal model parts (cars, boats, trains) architectural models, or an electrical contact, we can most likely produce your part if it made from sheet, strip or plate stock.

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