Metal Etched Electronic Components

One of Microphoto’s specialties. Terminals, lead frames, contacts, EMI/RFI shielding, heat sinks, connectors, vapor deposition masks, pick and place masks, step lids, injection mold terminal inserts, fuse links, buss bars, can be made from many different materials, tooled in hours not days. Parts can be sent as flat blanks or, can be formed, plated, and shipped complete to print specifications.

Microphoto has produced terminals and electronic components for some of the most recognizable corporations in the world who, in turn, service every industry in the world using electronic and electrical parts.
Electronic applications for our chemical etching services include:

  • Terminals
  • EMI/RFI shields
  • Lead frames
  • Heat sinks
  • ConnectorsQuick Quote
  • Pins
  • Vapor deposition masks
  • Integrated circuit step lid covers
  • Injection mold inserts
  • Fuse links
  • Buss Bars

Microphoto services virtually every industry with a need for metal components. We have produced and shipped parts to nearly every continent on earth. From Foundries to Surgical labs, Air-bag sensors to Munitions, Satellites to Mining equipment, the need for our services is endless.

Whether it is a simple washer, intricate lead frame, formed flat spring, metal model parts (cars, boats, trains) architectural models, or an electrical contact, we can most likely produce your part if it made from sheet, strip or plate stock.

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