Copper Photo Etching Services

Microphoto’s photo etching services provide a flexible option for the manufacturing of prototype and high-volume orders of copper components used in various industries. Copper is a relatively soft and easy to cut material, however it has the potential to be easily damaged during typical machining. Microphoto’s team of experts work with multiple copper alloys, including: • C110 • C101/102 Oxygen Free Coppers Here at Microphoto, we use a process called photochemical machining for custom etched copper components. Our photochemical machining process can maintain the same characteristics of the material such as structure, hardness, magnetic properties, and ductility. Contact us today if you are interested in learning about our process or to request a custom quote! Oxygen -free copper typically contains a higher chemical purity and is often used in the manufacturing of semiconductor components. Our experts are on hand to consult in the ideal copper material for your application. Contact us today to learn more.

Photo Etched Copper Applications

Known for it’s electrical and thermal conductivity, photo etched copper products are often used for electrical connectors, metal enclosures for electrical circuits, circuit boards, EMI/RFI shielding and more. Additional applications for stamped copper components include:
• Lead frames
• Fuse links
• Injection mold inserts
Electrical contacts
• Buss bars
• EMI Shielding
• Washers
• Gaskets
• Seals

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